About Us

Adumu Safaris is a socially responsible, social impact safari tour company with a particular focus on Maasai empowerment. We are an expert team made up of land and wildlife conservationists, cultural ambassadors, lively hosts, and outdoor enthusiasts. We take great pleasure in showing the real Africa in all her ecological and cultural diversity!

Our Vision

At Adumu Safaris, we strive to lead tourism reform in East Africa while providing the most breathtaking and memorable holidays for travelers. As our guests fall in love with East Africa, we endeavor to connect them with opportunities to give back to our naturally and culturally abundant region through conservation efforts, volunteering in local communities, and research that increases our knowledge of wildlife.

Our Mission

At Adumu Safaris, we are dedicated to ensuring that your safari creates cross-cultural awareness and understanding, contributes to the economic uplift and self-determination of East African people, and upholds international standards of ecotourism. Our big goal is to return land to the Maasai people and encourage their traditional ways of sustainable coexistence with wildlife while providing and promoting responsible travel in the region.

The Founders

Adumu Safaris was founded by wildlife biologist, David Ole Ngoseck, and his wife Danielle, a college professor.

David, a proud Tanzanian and Maasai who grew up in the small village of Lengijave amidst the splendor of Tanzania’s game parks and conservation areas, began leading safari tours and Kilimanjaro treks at the age of 21. His love of the outdoors and the splendor of the region he is proud to call home inspired him to pursue the study of wildlife at Mweka Wildlife College in Tanzania and continue his studies of wildlife and tourism in the United States. David’s years of experience leading tours coupled with his expert training as a naturalist and his proud connection to the Maasai people instill in him a deep passion and dedication to connect travelers with the magnificence of East Africa and its many treasures in a socially responsible way that uplifts his people and others in the region.

Danielle, a scholar of Black culture, first encountered East Africa while studying in Kenya and immediately fell in love with the warm hospitable people, the vibrant cultures, the varied natural terrain, the unique and delicious cuisine, and the incredible wildlife of the region. She returned amidst her studies to live and work at a feminist activist organization in Tanzania, at which point she had the fortune of venturing on her first life-changing wildlife safari. Her years of researching and writing on cultural aspects of the Black Diaspora fused with her desire to spend more time in East Africa, her hobby of the culinary arts, and her passion for hospitality inspired her to collaborate with her husband to create an African tour company that conveys the unforgettable magic of the region which charmed her so from the start.

Together, David’s local perspective, training as expert naturalist, and schooling in sustainable tourism and Danielle’s tourist’s perspective, expert devotion to black cultures, and social justice background create an impassioned vision for Adumu Safaris that involves showing you the very best of East Africa’s wildlife, landscapes, people, and culture in a way that gives back to the host community and more than fulfills your wildest dreams.

Why Choose Adumu?

Adumu Safaris is for the socially conscious traveler who wants assurance that their purchase is truly ethical, responsible, and beneficial to people and the planet. Many companies claim these things, but we are the real deal! We are owned and operated by members of the communities being served in our social mission, so our commitment to our social impact agenda and promise is deep and strong.

Adumu is also for those with impeccable taste and an appreciation of customer service that goes above and beyond. We are a tour company at the top of our class with extensive experience in the travel business, and our professional guides and staff possess an intimate knowledge of the people and places you will be visiting. We provide exclusive, top-notch services to our clients, with all the bells and whistles, making us an excellent choice for unparalleled adventure travel. Whether you prefer luxury comfort, being close to nature, a romantic getaway, forging unforgettable memories with your kids, or a mix of experiences, we can recommend a holiday itinerary that fulfills your desires. We do all this while being highly committed to giving you great value for your purchase.

We are also a great choice for travelers looking for an “off the beaten track experience” in East Africa. We offer the opportunity to mix volunteer experiences, immersive cultural tours, local homestays, and hands-on educational visits into your trip, providing a multifaceted adventure for those who want even more meaningful travel. We know, and love, Africa best, and we really know how to wow our guests!

Company Ethics

At Adumu safaris we are committed to giving travelers a phenomenal East African holiday that uplifts the people who live in close proximity to the region’s game parks and preserves East Africa’s extraordinary ecosystems. We believe that the people are just as important as the animals and work to achieve a harmonious balance. We value our employees because they are hardworking, dedicated, expert staff and have been specially chosen to represent Adumu Safaris to serve as the face of Africa to our visitors. Through our partner charity Adumu Impact, villages in close proximity to sites of travel receive resources for uplift and empowerment. In addition to supporting local communities through tourism, volunteering, and generous giving, we aim to foster cross-cultural encounters with East Africans in their rich cultural diversity in order to generate a compassionate understanding and informed appreciation of local ways of life. Join us in the new tide of responsible ecotourism where your safari gives back.

Our Credentials

Adumu Safaris is a fully accredited member and approved by
California Seller of Travel
CST # 2136570-40
Travel Consumer Restitution Fund (TCRF) # 603759

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