Adumu Safaris offers incredible accommodation options that are sure to please and impress all tastes. If you so wish, we can combine stays at different lodging types in your personalized itinerary to get a taste of the distinctly memorable experiences they provide.

As always, our offerings are socially responsible and have a low carbon footprint. We prioritize lodgings that maintain good relationships with local communities. Whenever possible, community-owned lodges and camps are featured on our itineraries. Our partner charity, Adumu Impact, is working to establish three cooperatively owned Maasai camps by 2025. Proceeds from your safari help to support these projects.

African Charm:

Classic Lodges

The comfortable, well-appointed, tastefully decorated lodges in and around the game parks are a sight to behold, inside and out. You’ll love the attention to locally-inspired design and the attentiveness and warm hospitality of the staff at these accommodations. The classic safari lodges are a wonderful choice for families with smaller children or those with different levels of ability, as they are abundant in creature comforts and most are designed for accessibility. Some lodges also have swimming pools, which are fabulous for relaxation at the end of the day and great for children who need time to play in between the drives. Some of these lodges provide vibrant cultural performances and afterhours social experiences, adding to the list of fun activities on your safari. As with everywhere you might stay on a safari with Adumu, the dining experience will be top-notch, prepared by expert local chefs, and feature your favorite familiar foods, the local bounty, and some African dishes for you to try, if you so wish.

Close to Nature:

Tented Lodges and Mobile Camps

East Africa’s tented lodges are like nothing you have ever seen before. Combining rugged elegance with the feeling of a time gone by and the sublimity of the natural surroundings, staying in a tented lodge is an experience in itself. Mobile camps are based inside the parks and move seasonally with the migrations of herbivores, so that you are always within a stone’s through of the magnificent fauna. In both types of tented accommodations, you will be surprised by the indulgences that somehow find their way to the middle of the bush—lovely meals prepared by your talented cooks, warm showers and baths in your room, and crystal glasses filled with your favorite beverage to accompany the glorious sunsets.

Pure Indulgence:

Luxury Lodges and Hotels

Luxury options in East Africa are like nothing you have ever seen before! For those extra special occasions (honeymoons, milestone birthdays), or for those who ALWAYS travel in style, we can offer you some of the most sublime accommodations that exist on earth! Find pure indulgence with these luxury comfort options 5 star lodges in and on the outskirts of the parks, and 5 star world-class hotels like you are used to but with views of wild game right outside your verandah! Please let us know if you are interested in these luxury options, and we will create something truly magnificent for you.

Zanzibar and the Coast:

Tropical Elegance and Historic Splendor

Zanzibar and the coastal islands and atolls contain a wide range of accommodation options, and all of them are awe-inspiring in their own way. From centuries-old hotels overlooking the bustling streets of Stone Town and the Indian Ocean, to quaint bandas with coconut palm thatched roofs, to regal beachside suites with infinity pools, to sleepy tropical resorts steps from the shore. If you plan to extend your stay in East Africa with a Zanzibar holiday (and we recommend you do!), we have accommodation options for every taste. If you have enough time, we recommend spending a few days in Stone Town, Zanzibar where you can get a taste of the local Swahili culture (and phenomenal local food!), and a few days or more on one of the archipelago’s phenomenal beaches where you can relax, swim, snorkel, dive, fish, bike, go on a dhow (sailboat) safari, and, of course, enjoy a nice cocktail or two!

Backpacker’s Paradise:

Basic Tent Camping

Like to rough it? Feel like being a thin sheet of nylon away from the lions passing through your campsite at night? On a budget? If so, then basic tent camping can be a superb way for you to enjoy the wonder of the game parks and reserves. On a basic tent camping safari, you will be accompanied by your guide and personal cook who will provide delicious meals for you throughout your journey. Campsites are quite comfortable with stunning views of the surrounding bush, solar-heated showers and eco-friendly toilets, and guards to watch over you at night. Tents, sleeping bags, and cots are provided, so all you will need is your backpack!