At Adumu Safaris, we excel at finding incredibly unique and memorable adventures to add to our customized private safaris and specialized group tours. Our clients come to East Africa for the phenomenal wildlife and are thrilled to discover so much more about this abundant region. We aim to redefine the “African Safari” to include so much more than wildlife.

In collaboration with our community partners, and as part of our social impact mission, we are excited to offer several activities and trip extensions that empower others while providing unique experiences that make our safaris stand out among the rest.

Let us combine destinations and activities to create your truly once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Game Drives

Game drives into the parks are the heart and soul of your safari. Departing from your lodge or camp, our expert naturalist guide will drive you the deep into the wilderness where you can witness amazing fauna, up close and personal, behaving as they naturally do. We will take you out in a 4x4 vehicle with a pop-up roof for excellent viewing and positioning for your photography. Drives happen during the day, and sometimes early in the morning or at night to catch particular wildlife events.

Primate Treks

The ultimate primate trek is a gorilla trek in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga National Park, and Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. In Rwanda, Uganda, and Western Tanzania, you can track other incredible primates: golden monkeys and chimpanzees. Hiking the rainforest led by your expert guide is the only way to witness these special creatures in the wild. These treks are an adventure in themselves or can be added to other destinations and activities.

Visit Maasailand

Maasai are semi-nomadic pastoralists who depend on their cattle for sustenance in the arid regions north and south of the Tanzania-Kenya border. Not only does Adumu Safaris work toward Maasai empowerment, we also believe that Maasai (and other host cultures) should have control of how they represent themselves to visitors. We offer unique opportunities to visit different parts of Maasailand where you can meet Maasai and learn about their culture in a socially responsible way. Our clients rave that these are a major highlight of their safaris.

Trekking and Walking Safaris

Walks and treks offer a great opportunity to stretch your legs see your natural surroundings in a way that is truly intimate. Hiking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro is the ultimate trek in Tanzania, indeed, the whole continent. In addition, many parks, reserves, and conservation areas offer the unique opportunity to walk or hike among the wildlife, often areas that are closed off to vehicles. Accompanied by your expert naturalist guide and a guard, you will venture into the bush on foot and have the chance to come face to face with a host of magnificent creatures. In Gombe Stream National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable forest, hiking the rainforest is the only way to witness chimpanzees and mountain gorillas in the wild. At many of the tented camp accommodations, you can venture out on guided walks right from your front door!

Photo Safaris

Unsurpassed in its iconic wildlife, landscapes, and peoples, East Africa draws professional photographers from all over the world. For those looking specifically to spend time capturing jaw-dropping photography for professional or personal use, we offer trips that give you the time you need to capture the perfect shot.

Biking Safaris

There are increasing opportunities to cycle around the game parks and conservation areas in East Africa as extensive bike trail systems are being established. Currently, most biking trails are found in the Northern Circuit, especially Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and Kilimanjaro National Park. Biking safaris are a great way for the adventurous and physically fit to explore the natural bounty of our game parks in an up close and personal way. Longer, multi-day tours are available, as are shorter day excursions to mix into your traditional game drive.

Cultural Performances

East Africa boasts of almost 200 tribes and ethnic groups, all with distinct languages and customs, including the iconic Maasai people near the parks and the vibrant Swahili culture in the coastal region. During excursions to local villages and cultural sites, and often at your lodges and tented camps, many of these groups put on spectacular performances as a way of showcasing their cultural traditions, through dance, drumming, music, and theater.

Culinary Tours

Foodies, epicureans, and culinary adventurers delight in the bounty that is East African cuisine. The culinary highlight of the region is surely the traditional food of the Swahili coast, where incredible spice combinations, coconut, fresh fruit, and local herbs combine with the bounties of the land and sea to create spectacular dishes and treats. Elsewhere, regional cooking is also exciting to explore, and our hand-picked culinary experiences are both educational and pleasurable additions.

Fair Trade Shade-Grown Coffee Tours

Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda are known for growing some of the very best coffee beans in the world. The rich mineral soils and shade-grown forests make for complex and delicious roasts. Through our community-based partners we offer exciting, socially responsible tours of forest-grown coffee plantations where your guide teaches you all about how coffee is grown. You will have the opportunity to harvest, roast, and drink your own beans!

Community-Based Cultural Tours & Homestays

Socially responsible, community-based ecotourism is a major cornerstone of our efforts to reform tourism in East Africa, alleviating poverty and empowering Maasai and others in the region economically and culturally. Through our social impact partners and other local ties, we offer authentic and engaging community-based cultural activities and also the unique opportunity to stay with a local family on a multi-day homestay, where you can learn about life in Africa intimately.

Massage and Spa

Many visitors to East Africa do not arrive expecting pampering and extreme relaxation. In fact, many of our lodges, hotels, and tented camps, along with some of our favorite day-long excursions, offer some of the best pampering and relaxation. What a treat it is to experience a massage, spa treatment, hot springs bath, sauna, or meditation room in the midst of your wild adventure! Some massages and spa treatments include special local ingredients and techniques not to be missed.

Scuba & Snorkeling

Scuba diving and snorkeling in the clear, warm turquoise waters off the coast of East Africa is some of the best in the world. This is especially true of Mnemba Atoll off Ungunja (Zanzibar’s main island), Pemba, and Mafia, which are coveted by divers worldwide. These world class sites are among the finest and most diverse complexes of estuarine, mangrove, coral reef, and marine ecosystems in the world. Underwater ruins can be explored here too--truly amazing!

Dhow Safaris

Dhow safaris are a highlight of a Zanzibar trip. Set sail into Menai Bay where you glide alongside pods of dolphins. Land on a powdery sandbank and enjoy snorkeling in the shallows or bask in the sun, then snorkel over two different reefs, both offering a variety of pristine marine life. Your captains then whip up a BBQ with fresh caught seafood and fresh fruits. Next, sail on a traditional ngalawa canoe, explore the mangroves, climb an ancient baobab, witness the coral formations, lounge on the beach and then, at evening, sail home as the sun sets.

Hunting with the Hadzabe

A truly unique adventure is hunting with the Hadzabe, the last remaining bushmen of Tanzania. This hunter-gatherer tribe lives in a traditional way in small, tent-like huts which can be quickly erected and, just as quickly, dismantled. The bushmen are nomads, staying at a place only as long as nature can provide them with food. You can join the young men on a hunt where, with bows and arrows, they catch birds or small mammals. Afterwards, you can visit their communities.

History Tours & Museums

East Africa is full of fascinating history, dating back several thousand years. Cities and sites all over the region curate this history and its related culture through excellent museums and tours. The Swahili coast is particularly rich in history and culture, as Bantu Africans, Persians, Arabs, Indians, Portuguese, German, and English have all passed through, leaving a mark on the unique, hybrid culture of the Swahili. In East African cities and between, wonderful museums abound.

Tree Planting to Offset Emissions

In partnership with Tengeru Cultural Tourism Programme located outside of Arusha we plant a tree for every client who visits East Africa with Adumu Safaris as a way to offset the carbon footprint of your travel. For our clients who are interested: you can plant your own tree! The avocado trees are planted in an area to help with soil erosion from over-farming. This is a fun, half-day event accompanied by some other community-based cultural activities and a delicious local lunch.

Balloon Safaris

A truly magnificent adventure is our balloon safari! Ascend above the Serengeti or Masai Mara in a hot air balloon to get an absolutely unique bird’s-eye view of the savannah plain. Witness millions of wildebeest and zebra migrating under the shadow of your balloon. Touch down in the middle of the bush to enjoy the full English breakfast prepared for you. Balloon safaris are truly a special treat, perfect for celebrating those extra special occasions!

Zanzibar & the Coast

There is no better way relax after your safari adventure than with an amazing beach holiday on the “Spice Island” of Zanzibar and the surrounding islands and atolls in the Indian Ocean. The archipelago’s miles and miles of white sand beaches offer abundant opportunities for indulgence and relaxation in a sublime tropical setting. If you are still feeling adventurous, you can go snorkeling or scuba diving to view the amazing underwater ecosystem off the coast, kayak around a mangrove swamp, go deep sea fishing for your dinner, visit a rainforest, or take a dhow (sailboat) trip to an uninhabited island. The cultural opportunities abound as well in this Swahili hub where you can explore the bustling streets, markets, shops, and buildings of historic Stone Town, visit a spice plantation, and indulge in delicious traditional Swahili cuisine. Whatever you do, make sure to catch the sunset with your favorite drink in your hand!

Honeymoon Safaris

What a more magical, memorable honeymoon could you have then an amazing African safari? At Adumu, we are suckers for romance, and we thoroughly enjoy adding special touches to your personalized honeymoon safari that you will always cherish. Whether you are a couple that like to celebrate with luxury indulgence or a couple whose most precious times have been spent without all the bells and whistles, stargazing through a nylon tent, we can create something truly romantic and special to honor your loving bond and new chapter together.

Family Safaris

Create a cherished and unforgettable family memory on safari in East Africa! At Adumu, we know how to put together the perfect itinerary for families with members of all ages, from young children to grandparents and travelers of all abilities. While your holiday will be stupendous for all, there is something particularly beneficial to taking your children on safari in their formative years. Let your children become besotted with the natural wonder of our region so that they become good stewards of the planet. Let them engage with friends from other cultures so that they will become compassionate and understanding global citizens. Most importantly, let them form indelible memories with you for which they will never stop thanking you.