Going on Safari in East Africa with Adumu Safaris will allow you to discover new landscapes, go on adventures up mountains and across savannahs, give you the vacation you deserve, and open your eyes to some pretty marvelous birds! Here are just a few of the bird species that you can look forward to spotting on your Safari.


Yellow-billed oxpecker(Buphagus africanus) Adumu Safaris

The yellow-billed oxpecker is known exactly for its name; these fascinating creatures line their nests with hair they pluck from livestock! Breeding season brings with it large chattering flocks of the yellow-billed oxpecker. But when they aren’t breeding and creating nests, they will spend their nights atop their hosts. Their hosts include livestock, antelope, giraffe, wildebeest, and rhino. The Swahili name for this beautiful bird is Askari Wa Kifaru, translating as The Rhino’s Guard. Not only does this bird consume insects and ticks off of its mammal hosts, but when it spots danger, it will let out a shrill call in warning. This is all wonderful and good, but there is a darker side to this relationship. If the mammal host is injured, the birds will pick at the wound and feed on blood as well as the animal’s ticks and insects. Nevertheless, the relationship remains largely a good one as every animal plays its part in their East African communities. 


Malachite Kingfisher(Corythornis cristatus)

Adumu Safaris - SelousWith metallic blue and rufous-orange coloring, this small bird occurs throughout Sub-Saharan Africa near slow-moving water or ponds. Unlike the commonly known nest-building strategy, Malachite Kingfishers create burrows in sandy banks with a nest chamber at the end of the tunnel. With this clear affinity for water, it is no surprise that the Malachite Kingfisher consumes fish and water-bound insects to live up to its name and become the King of fishers. 


Bateleur Eagle(Terathopius ecaudatus)Adumu Safaris - Tsaavo West

Bateleur is French for “Street Performer” and this native African bird would never fail to be captivating. Unmistakable while flying, this beautiful bird has white feathers under its wings and is generally black with a reddish-orange face and beak. Solitary, tree-nesting, and territorial, the Bateleur thrives in Sub-Saharan Africa among the woodland habitat. It is a hunter and scavenger, although its prey can often be stolen by the tawny eagle. Although mostly silent, Bateleur Eagles can produce a series of barks and screams, but don’t let that deter you from learning more about this magnificent bird. Interestingly, these birds will even sunbathe! They lay on the ground with their wings spread out just like you might lay on a beach chair during a hot summer day. 


Grey Crowned Crane(Balearica regulorum)

Adumu SafarisThe Grey Crowned Crane is the national bird of Uganda! With a call that sounds a bit like a lion purr, the Grey Crowned Crane is truly a glorious bird. This crane has a golden spiky crown that sets it apart from other crane species and is colored brown, gray, white, yellow, and red with blue eyes. Its diet ranges from grasses to soybeans and insects, and it is most threatened by wetland habitat loss. A fascinating fact about this bird is that it partakes in courtship involving dancing, bowing, and jumping. 

Let us know if you’re interested in birding and we’ll make sure to include the best spots on your custom itinerary! Follow this link to start planning your trip.