Traditional bush dinners are a must-do activity for anyone planning to take an African safari trip. Bush dining is essentially dining under the stars, and for tourists, this is a chance to unwind and rest after a long day of exploring. Although bush dinners have transformed into a rather lavish tourist experience, the origins are actually quite different.

Bush dining originated as sustenance dining for hunters who were unable to take their kill home after a long day. Dinner usually consisted of fresh meat, stew, and vegetables. Bush dining was also a chance to exchange stories by the fire. This experience has since shifted from rustic to more luxurious, but some traditional elements remain the same. 

Despite their evolution, bush dinners still incorporate flame-roasted food on the menus, and tourists will get the chance to taste local delicacies. However, the setting has dramatically changed to become more comfortable and romantic. The majority of bush dinners take place at sunset, which creates a truly cozy atmosphere. Blankets are usually provided for especially chilly nights. Long tables are placed outdoors and are adorned with lanterns for extra light. The locations of the dinners can vary depending on the region you are visiting. For example, bush dinners can take place at the river’s edge, where you can hear the sounds of hippos as you eat your delicious meal. Others take place in vast plains and may be accompanied by a traditional dance performance. 

A bush dinner is unlike any other dining experience. The outside setting means that you will be able to hear and appreciate the nocturnal noises. Depending on your location, you may see animals in their natural habitat. A bush dinner is also a perfect time to feel closer to your fellow travelers and tell stories from throughout the day. Eating in such an open and vast setting is sure to make you and your companions feel more connected than ever.