Active Safaris

Adventures that have you always on the move!

Turn your African safari into a fitness adventure by choosing or having us customize an active safari, designed for athletic travelers who want to keep up their fitness level and even push their limits while on holiday. Perhaps you are up for a fitness challenge, like a trek to the top of Africa’s tallest mountain, a multi-day hike along the Great Rift Valley, a deep-sea dive in one of our region’s world-class marine sanctuaries, or a marathon through Serengeti National Park. Perhaps you would like to engage in your favorite sport or outdoor activity from back home–golf, horseback riding, kitesurfing, whitewater rafting–in a new setting. Maybe, you simply want to explore the magnificent wildlife and culture of the region on foot, by bike, with a paddle, and wearing a snorkel as much as possible. Perhaps you are looking for all of the above. In any case, we have itineraries and can customize a trip to satisfy your energetic side.

We believe that someone who plays as hard as you deserves moments of luxurious relaxation, from the beautiful lodgings where you’ll stay, the delicious meals you’ll savor, the massages in which you’ll indulge, to the glasses you’ll raise for a day well spent. For those who want a more rugged experience that includes tent camping or homestays, we are happy to arrange that as well. Choose from the itineraries below, or let us customize the perfect trip for you!