School Groups

Students bond on the trip of a lifetime

What’s more enriching than being immersed in a new culture, witnessing spectacular animals in their natural habitats, and seeing the incredible landscapes that inspired Ernest Hemingway’s adventure stories? Adumu Safaris is excited to offer a range of trips suited for student groups, which can be organized by schools, alumni networks, professors and teachers, or the students themselves.

Any of our exciting itineraries can be modified to meet the needs of your group. Whether you want to integrate a specific curriculum, incorporate team-building activities, participate in volunteer projects, or include language-learning opportunities, Adumu Safaris will facilitate a once-in-a-lifetime, extraordinary, and enriching experience for all of our travelers. In addition to our drives through national parks to witness incredible fauna, some of our favorite activities include excursions to nearby cultural sites, scuba diving through underwater ecosystems, and indulging in traditional local cuisines.

We pride ourselves on the safety of our trips and dependability of our guides, and we ensure that everyone involved has a positive and memorable experience. Thus, parents and teachers can rest assured that travelers will be safe with Adumu Safaris, and they will return home with a smile, enriched worldview, and fantastic stories to convince you to join their next safari!