When you think of an African Safari,  you probably think of big cats and wide open plains, right? Well, think again.



Reimagine your idyllic African safari on a traditional wooden sailing dhow


Dhows first arrived on the Swahili Coast with Arabic and Indian settlers.

Now used for tours of the Swahili coast’s tropical islands, dhow’s are a beautiful way to experience the wonders of the emerald blue Indian Ocean.





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Snorkel along renowned coral reefs


Your dhow captain will take you through the varied marvels of your chosen island. Activities are offered as both group safaris and custom safaris— making the excursion flexible to your budget and personal preference. Activities offered on your dhow safari range from snorkeling along Pembe’s coral reefs, to wading through the thicketed mangrove forests on Zanzibar’s coast. With the beautiful expanse of the Indian Ocean at your toes, you won’t need to go far to experience some of the world’s best snorkeling. Take comfort knowing that gear for safety, snorkel, and the protection of your valuables is provided.




Experience worldclass sunset views



Aboard your wooden dhow, a gourmet meal with drink pairings awaits. As you quell your post-snorkel hunger, the sun setting upon the horizon, nothing will compare to the tranquility of laying out in the warm East African breeze, admiring the sun’s reflection upon the water. Once you’re heading back to your island resort, you may even ask your guide if he’s free tomorrow for another excursion.