At first glance, you may associate East Africa with adventurous activities, intense safari excursions, and rustic accommodations. Many travelers who visit the region do not expect to experience luxurious pampering of any kind, but at Adumu Safaris, we partner with many accommodations that offer the ultimate relaxation services. No matter your accommodation type – a lodge, hotel, or tented camp – our staff can scout out deluxe treatments, including spa services, massages, and hot springs baths. If your accommodation does not include any relaxation services, or if you are looking for an activity that is not offered, we can arrange for a half or full-day excursion that will leave you feeling tranquil and calm in the midst of your wild adventures.

While spa services and pampering treatments are quite common in the tourism industry, indulging in them in East Africa is truly a one of a kind experience. The natural beauty, tranquil oceans, and abundant wildlife create an atmosphere that is extremely unique, and the luxurious treatments serve to connect you with your surroundings. Many accommodation services even let you experience a massage in front of your tent, where you will be up close with wildlife and immersed in nature. East African culture also heavily influences the ingredients and techniques used in these treatments, and you can be sure of their merit; most of them have been used for generations!

To take your pampering experience one step further, you can even find out how your spa products are made! Our staff can curate personalized experiences that teach you about the art of making beauty products, and you can learn more about the famous local ingredients. One of our activities offered will take you to the Mrembo Spa in Zanzibar, where you can learn how to make time-honored recipes. You will get to leave with your own coconut and spice scrub, helping you to continue your relaxation journey even after your trip is over. 

After a long and stressful year, you deserve a break, and what better way to usher in the new year by getting a therapeutic massage in your safari tent while the sounds of wildlife fill your ears! If any of the activities or treatments mentioned above interest you, when you start to plan your trip be sure to let us know how much relaxation and pampering you want to experience.