Yoga & Service Safari (Midrange/Luxury #2): Wildlife, Culture & Beach Retreat | 13 Days


This incredible Tanzanian expedition combines a mix of bucket-list wildlife and cultural adventures with some amazing unexpected, off-the-beaten-track experiences, all with fabulous and unique accommodations. This trip features the world-renowned Northern Circuit parks and some lesser-known stops among them with an idyllic beach retreat on the magical island of Zanzibar. Plenty of yoga in sublime settings abounds on this itinerary, as do opportunities to get to know the local people and culture and to give back to local communities while you are here and even after you leave!


Destination: Ngare Nanyuki

Accommodation: Osiligilai Maasai Lodge

Activities: Welcome Ceremony, Sunset yoga

Transit Times: Airport to Osiligilai – 1 hr

Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport. After clearing customs, you will be met by an Adumu Safaris guide and transferred to Osiligilai Maasai Lodge, a scenic eco-lodge where you immediately will come to rest and reflect on the essentials while enjoying an immersive cultural experience with the Maasai. In the middle of the wilderness of the Maasai steppe are 18 exclusive bungalows built with locally available natural materials sustainably produced by local craftspeople. Just outside your door is a great view of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain. It’s all about being together, traditions, stories, and learning from each other at Osiligilai. Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed with a traditional Maasai dance and song. Then, you will be served a traditional Maasai welcome drink before being guided to your private bungalow. While you are here, relax, unwind, and enjoy the “Warm Your Heart: meditation room, the natural sauna, and pool. At sunset, stretch away the strain of your travels with yoga and enjoy a delicious dinner overlooking the savannah. After a long day, nothing will feel more restful than falling asleep to the sounds of passing wildlife and chirping insects.


Destination: Ngare Nanyuki, Tinga Tinga Village

Accommodation: Osiligilai Maasai Lodge

Activities: Sunrise yoga; Game drive; MDWC visit; Traditional Maasai storytelling

Transit Times: Walk or short drive to activities 

Welcome the sunrise over Mt. Kilimanjaro with some gentle sun salutations to start your trip. After breakfast, visit the social project Maasailand Development for Women and Children (MDWC) in Tinga Tinga. On your way, get your first glimpses of iconic East African wildlife! At MDWC, engage with Maasai primary school children and take part in the school activities. The children love having visitors, and their beautiful smiles will make this a memorable day. Afterward, visit the local women’s group and see how they make traditional Maasai jewelry like necklaces and earrings, etc. Consider purchasing some beadwork to support their efforts and to take something meaningful back home with you! Return to the lodge by 17:30h to watch a Maasai spear-throwing competition. Can you beat the Maasai and hit the wooden lion target with the Maasai spear? As the sunsets, enjoy your first sundowners while watching the Maasai sundown dance. In the evening, gather around the fire for some traditional storytelling and a delicious dinner overlooking the savannah. You will learn about their way of life and countless traditions. Rest in your traditionally decorated bungalow to prepare for tomorrow’s exciting adventures!

Destination: Randilen Wildlife Management Area

Accommodation: Tarangire Safari Lodge

Activities: Game drive; Community projects visit; Sunset yoga

Transit Times: Osiligilai to Randilen – 3 hrs; Randilen to Lodge, 30 mins

After an early breakfast, your naturalist guide will drive you to the recently formed Randilen, a community-owned Wildlife Management Area, part of the Tarangire-Manyara ecosystem, governed by the local Maasai. The Tarangire-Manyara Ecosystem is among the richest areas on the planet for large mammal diversity and abundance and is a world hotspot for ungulate diversity. It hosts the second-largest population of Elephants in northern Tanzania. Today will be an educational day full of wildlife viewing by car and on foot and learning about the unique experiment of the Randilen WMA, an encouraging example of Maasai co-existence with wildlife that conserves wildlife and allows Maasai to hold on to their ancestral lands and live in their low-impact traditional ways. Your Adumu Safaris expert guide and Randilen guide will show you around the WMA. An exciting opportunity at Randilen, which is not permitted in many National Parks, is walking safaris where you can track and view wildlife on foot. Walking with all senses alert is an unforgettable experience. Follow animal tracks, identify bird calls, and learn about the local plants from your Randilen guide. After lunch, embark on a game drive and other adventures. From the comfort of your 4×4 Landcruiser, look out for elephants eating the sausage tree fruit–a favourite delicacy. With luck–and some patience–you may catch a lion hunt, a glimpse of the shy but beautiful greater kudu, or see a pack of African Wild Dogs on the move. Amidst wildlife adventures, you will learn about the anti-poaching, human-wildlife conflict, and other projects run by Randilen rangers and Maasai community members. You will also get to visit one of the nearby Maasai villages and talk to locals about the benefits of the WMA to their livelihoods. After an adventurous day, drive to Tarangire Safari Lodge in Tarangire National Park for a soothing yoga practice, dinner, and overnight in one of their charming circular bungalows, built in a similar style to the Maasai boma. These airy rooms are situated near a large watering hole, creating the opportunity to watch wildlife from your shaded verandah.

Destination: Tarangire National Park

Accommodation: Tarangire Safari Lodge

Activities: Sunrise yoga; Game drive; Night game drive (optional)

Transit Times: Leisurely game drives throughout the day

Wake to the peaceful sounds of birds and wildlife, and enjoy a sunrise yoga session on the Lodge’s wooden platform overlooking the Tarangire River. After breakfast, enjoy a long morning of game viewing in Tarangire National Park—identify different species of mammals such as lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, python, zebra, oryx, impala, and more–stopping for a picnic lunch. Over 450 species of birds have been observed in this park, so get out your binoculars! This park is known as the park of elephants and baobabs, both of which are scattered everywhere. The Tarangire River is a vital source of water to animals in the park where you are likely to find many major species behaving and interacting naturally. Relax with a home-style dinner featuring fresh local produce and international influences in the open-air dining room. After dinner, you have the option to take a night game drive in the park and see how the animals behave after dusk—a great opportunity to witness the predatory action of lion prides and other predators. Return to the Lodge for a restful night of sleep.


Destination: Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority

Accommodation: Mysigio Camp

Activities: Game drive; Sunset Yoga

Transit Times: Tarangire to Lake Manyara – 1 hr; Lake Manyara to Camp, 2.5 hrs

Depart Tarangire after an early breakfast and make your way to Lake Manyara National Park, an attractive and amazingly diverse park for its size of 325 square kilometers (125 square miles). The park is well known for the drama of its terrain, quickly changing from a shallow soda lake covered in flamingos to acacia woodland housing large concentrations of baboons troops, giraffe and elephant herds, and a birding paradise for than 400 bird species to the Great Rift Valley escarpment with its famous tree-climbing lions. The park also boasts a groundwater forest! In the afternoon, make your way to Mysigio Camp located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA). Set back from the busy crater rim, this tranquil semi-permanent campsite has no permanent platforms or plumbing which would damage the environment. The camp has a close and long-standing relationship with the local Mysigio Maasai tribe. Chief Ole Dorop or one of his sons arrange lovely and authentic Maasai activities at the camp, allowing guests to see and experience these ancient traditions. Watch the sunset over the crater as you stretch away the days travels with a relaxing yoga practice. Sleep comfortably in one of 12 luxury tents as wildlife calls echo in the distance.

Destination: Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Accommodation: Mysigio Camp

Activities: Game drive; Yoga; Walking safari; Traditional dance performance

Transit Times: 45 min drive to Crater and back; 30 mins descent/ascent; leisurely game drive in Crater

Begin your day early to experience the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority is a rare protected area where people (the Maasai) and wild animals coexist in harmony. A large permanent concentration of wild animals can be found in the huge and perfect crater. Ngorongoro Crater is technically a caldera, the largest sunken ancient caldera in the world. Estimated three million years old, the once-volcanic Ngorongoro is now considered one of “Africa’s eighty wonders”. Also known as the “Garden of Eden”, the crater floor is a natural safe haven for thousands of animals such as wildebeest, more than two hundred lion prides, zebras, elephants, hippos, hyenas, Thomson gazelles, African buffalo, crocodiles, ostriches, and many species of birds, not to mention that this is one of the best places to spot an endangered Rhinoceros. Enjoy an adventurous game drive during the day, with a stop at the hippo pools for a picnic lunch. In the early afternoon, return to camp for a yoga practice or a walking safari near camp. Return to camp for dinner and Maasai dancing with the warriors and young women of the village. The mesmerizing throaty voice of the Maasai combined with their jumping during the iconic Adumu dance is a wonderful sight! Get a good night’s rest in your private luxury tent in anticipation of tomorrow’s journey to the iconic Serengeti.

Destination: Serengeti National Park

Accommodation: Kirurumu Serengeti Camp

Activities: Sunrise yoga; Ebeneza Maasai Children Center visit; Game drive

Transit Times: Camp to Ebeneza Maasai Children Center, 20 mins; Ebeneza to Serengeti Gate, 2 hrs; Gate to camp, 2 hrs

Greet the day with some sun salutations and a delicious breakfast before departing on a memorable service visit to the nearby Ebeneza Maasai Children Center where you can see the work of Rev. Jackson Kipuyo and his team who are aiding orphans and poor children from the surrounding Maasai villages. You can participate in campus activities with the children, hand out supplies, share meals, and forge some lasting memories. You can also discover more Maasai culture through some of their unique cultural offerings. After lunch, head to one of the world’s most iconic wildlife conservation areas, Serengeti National Park. A World Heritage Site, the Serengeti is a “must see” on your Tanzania safari. Totalling 14,763 sq km in area, the park is appropriately named after the Maasai work for “endless plains”. Arrive at one of Kirurumu’s Serengeti migration camps which relocate seasonally to follow the world-renowned migration of thousands of wildebeest, zebras, and other wildlife through the Great Rift valley. Rest well in your secluded and comfortable tent, dreaming of the Serengeti adventures that await you tomorrow!

Destination: Serengeti National Park

Accommodation: Kirurumu Serengeti Camp

Activities: Balloon Safari (optional); Game drive; Yoga

Transit Times: Leisurely game drives throughout the day

For a truly spectacular sunrise, opt for a hot air balloon safari to watch wildlife while gliding above the unique savannah landscape. Given the vast terrain, weather patterns, and migratory patterns of the innumerable species, many animals of the Serengeti are constantly on the move. No two balloon safaris are ever alike! Touching back down on the ground, you will be treated to a full English breakfast and champagne toast in the bush. Spend the rest of the day exploring deep into the Serengeti on a traditional game drive. Being a little closer to the ground means you are certain to get up close and personal with the “Big Five” (lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and cape buffalo) and hosts of other iconic and hidden-gem species. Depending on your preference, a yoga practice can be enjoyed either before or after your game drive. Return to camp for another delicious farm to table dinner and sleep to the nighttime calls of wildlife outside your tent.

Destination: Serengeti National Park

Accommodations: Kirurumu Serengeti Camp

Activities: Yoga; Walking safari; Game drive

Transit Times: Leisurely game drives and walking activities throughout the day

Spend another day in the breathtaking Serengeti, but this time on foot! After a leisurely morning yoga practice and fresh local breakfast, head out to see what the day has to offer. The birds of the Serengeti are just as spectacular and varied as the larger animals—there are several types of eagles and vultures, ostrich, secretary birds, kori bustards, hornbills, guinea fowl, as well as a host of smaller birds. There have been almost 500 species of birds recorded in the park, including several that migrate from Europe and Asia in the winter months. After dinner, you have the option to take a night game drive in the park and see how the animals behave after dusk. This is a wonderful opportunity to witness the predatory action of lion prides and other predators! Return to camp for your last sundowners in the Serengeti and enjoy another restful night of sleep.

Destination: Zanzibar (Ugunja Island); Matemwe

Accommodations: Sunshine Marine Lodge

Activities: Transfer Zanzibar; Yoga

Transit Times: Flight from Seronera to Zanzibar – 2.5 hrs; Transfer to Lodge – 1.5 hrs

After breakfast at camp, say “kwaheri” to the Serengeti as you drive to the Seronera airstrip and catch your plane to the magical island of Zanzibar, which lies just off the coast of Tanzania, for a sublime conclusion to your East African holiday. Arrive at Sunshine Marine Lodge in beautiful Matemwe in the northwest of Ugunja in time to enjoy the designated yoga space. Situated on a beautiful cliff in a unique and remote location, it won’t be hard to visualize tranquil turquoise waters during your practice! The lodge offers free yoga classes three times a week, but guests are welcome to use the space and mats at their convenience–a perfect spot for group or individual practice. After yoga, it is time for dinner, featuring a modern approach to classic Zanzibar Swahili cuisine, including delightful vegetarian and vegan options, at the ocean-view restaurant. The kitchen uses an abundance of aromatic Zanzibar’s spices like cloves, ginger, cumin, cardamom, and cinnamon to enrich fruit and vegetables straight from the village! Sleep well to the sound of waves lapping the cliffs outside your door.

Destination: Matemwe

Accommodations: Sunshine Marine Lodge

Activities: Yoga; Village biking tour and optional service visit tp Dada Africa; Swimming; Snorkelling; Diving (optional); Spa treatment (optional); More yoga

Transit Times: Short walks or bike rides to and from the lodge

Today is left open for lots of yoga practice throughout the day. Sunshine Marine Lodge’s Mind & Body Harmony Center is a dedicated open-air yoga studio where you can practice yoga as a group or individually, in addition to practicing yoga at other beautiful locations around the beach lodge. In addition to yoga, you can structure your day with additional activities, departing on foot or bike right from the lodge. You can snorkel or organize a diving trip to the nearby Mnemba Atoll, a world-renown diving site. The lodge has its own world-class PADI diving center. You can also go by bike or on foot on a guided cultural tour through a local village just near the lodge. During the walk or bike ride, you will meet local families, visit the school, learn about local crafts and cooking and taste a chapati, the local bread. You can also visit the Dada Africa women’s co-op and learn about their island permaculture projects and purchase their handmade beauty products. In between activities, savor sumptuous vegan and vegetarian meals featuring local produce at the lodge restaurant. Enjoy some phenomenal star-gazing and rest well with the sound of waves gently crashing on the beach.


Destination: Mnemba Atoll; Muyuni Beach

Accommodations: Sunshine Marine Lodge

Activities: Snorkeling; Yoga; Muyuni Beach lunch; Sailing

Transit Times: Walk to and from the dhow; leisurely sailing throughout the day

Today features an exciting adventure on the sea! After breakfast, board a traditional dhow and depart from Kendwa to the stunning Mnemba Atoll, perhaps seeing some active dolphins on the way. You will stop at Mnemba Kitchwani Reef for your first snorkeling stop. This amazing reef with steep slopes offers some great underwater topography and a chance to see amazing corals and many colorful fish. Your guide will lead you on a snorkeling session, pointing out all of the camouflaged sea creatures and give you tricks for spotting what most people’s eyes miss. You will then sail 20 minutes from Kitchwani Reef to the Mnemba Coral Gardens. Here you will snorkel for 45 minutes to 1 hour. These coral gardens are home to many species of aquarium fish and stunning soft and hard corals. After your second snorkeling trip you are heading from Mnemba Atoll to the opposite side, an area called Muyuni Beach. While your captain and crew prepare a tropical beach feast, enjoy yoga practice on the soft, white sands surrounded by turquoise and green. After yoga, enjoy your beach picnic. You will have ample time after your lunch to relax on this beautiful secluded beach before your trip continues with a sail back to Kendwa. Arrive in the late afternoon and relax however you wish before enjoying one last dinner on the sand and restful slumber in your beach cabin.

Destination: Dar es Salaam; International Departure

Activities: Morning free time; International departure home

Transit Times: Drive to ZNZ, 1 hr; Flight to DAR, 30 mins

After breakfast and, perhaps, another swim or spa service, check out of the lodge by lunch and head to the airport to fly from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam, where you will board your international flight home. Kwaheri!

Safari Includes:

  • Pick up/drop off at Arusha or Kilimanjaro airport before and after the trip and/or transfer to the next leg of your holiday
  • Park entrance fees into the game parks/reserves
  • Crater service fee
  • Government Taxation
  • Professional naturalist guide
  • Transport and wildlife viewing in 4×4 Land cruiser with open roof hatches and unlimited mileage
  • All game drives and activities
  • All cultural excursions mentioned in the itinerary
  • Full board accommodations and additional meals, per itinerary
  • All-inclusive alcoholic beverages and sodas at the lodges/camps
  • Plentiful drinking water (mineral water)
  • Flying Doctor services in Tanzania
  • Service charges
  • Generous Giving Fund

Safari Excludes:

  • International airfare & flights
  • Passport & visa fees
  • Personal health insurance
  • Travel insurance (highly recommended and offered upon making your deposit)
  • Laundry services, unless provided by the lodges
  • Additional alcoholic beverages & sodas, except as stated as included above
  • Laundry services, unless offered by the lodges
  • Optional massages and spa services
  • All items of personal nature
  • Gratuities to safari guides and lodge/camp staff

Please note: Adumu Safaris makes every effort to customize your safari itinerary in order to cover areas where wildlife habitats are known to be plentiful during the season and precise time of year that you are traveling. However, since wild animals move freely in their environment, we cannot absolutely guarantee sightings of every species. We also use our best effort to provide the lodging set out in this itinerary, but occasionally there are circumstances that occur which require lodging substitutions. We reserve the right to make comparable lodging substitutions or upgrades whenever necessary or in your best interest to do so. Fortunately, we have vetted all of our lodges and stand by their ability to provide an amazing accommodation experience.


Single occupancy ……………………….. 7,521 USD HIGH / 7,143  USD LOW

Double occupancy ……………………….  6,242 USD HIGH / 5,908 USD LOW

Triple occupancy………………………..6,104 USD HIGH / 5,784 USD LOW

**NB: Prices drop for larger parties traveling together. Children are accommodated at lower rates than adults. Adumu Safaris customizes itineraries to fit your preferences, desires, party size, and budget.

To reserve this trip we require $500 per person. The remainder is due 59 days before departure. All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. We will send a secure payment link when you are ready to confirm this trip. NB: During the global pandemic, our deposit policy and payment schedule are extra flexible. We can discuss flexible terms prior to booking. 

Please inquire for yoga instructor and travel agent pricing.

Please note that we offer these variations to demonstrate some of the ways that we can modify an itinerary to suit your preferences (destinations, activities, level of luxury, type of accommodations, length of stay, budget, etc.). If none of these options looks best for your group, we are more than happy to gather more information from you and customize the perfect trip. You can call us at +1 530 574 9519 or email us at to discuss this itinerary or others on our website.

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