When going on safari, one of the most desired animal sighting is the African elephant. They blend into their backgrounds with ease, sometimes making it difficult to spot them while out on a game drive– but when you do, you’re all but guaranteed to stop your engines and take in the wonder of an African elephant herd. Below are some fun facts to take with you on your upcoming safari vacation in East Africa.


1 –  African elephants and Asian elephants are the two major species of elephants. Although they live in different areas of the world, they have largely similar behaviors.Adumu Safaris - Accommodations

2 – Although some experts insist that the African elephant has two subspecies— the Savanna and Forest elephant— they’re still officially considered the same species, whose scientific name is Loxodonta africana.

3 – The elephant’s vegetarian diet consists primary of vegetation and seeds, and the seeds in their dung encourage the growth of ecologically beneficial vegetation around the savanna!

4 – An African elephant trunk contains over 30,000 muscles! For good reason, it’s used for almost everything; drinking, smelling, eating, and grabbing whatever an elephant may need!

5 – Elephants are extremely smart! There are documented instances of elephants using tools to interact with their environments, understanding the body language of humans, and participating in ceremonies to mourn their dead.

6 – Elephants live in matriarchal family groups, called herds. These female-led herds are headed by the oldest elephant in the herd. When the oldest dies, the eldest daughter takes her place. Male elephants roam around their environments with other male bachelor elephants, learning from their elephant elders, and searching for a female willing to mate.

7 – Much of an elephants life is spent eating. Because they’re such a huge animal, the largest land mammal in the world, elephants require a lot of calories! They can spend 12 or more hours on eating alone.




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