Social Impact

“Adumu” is the dance traditionally performed by the Maasai in which warriors enter a circle and repeatedly jump high into the air. The higher the warrior elevates, the more glory he receives and the more pleasure the community takes. We chose “Adumu” as an emblem of Maasai at the height of our cultural glory and of elevating out of poverty and land rights abuses linked to irresponsible tourism and the aftermath of colonialism.

At Adumu Safaris we seek to ensure that Maasai are the primary beneficiaries of tourism occurring on their ancestral lands. Our solution is ecologically sustainable, community-based tours that restore land and culture, eliminate poverty regionally through fair practices, and conserve wildlife. Through our land restoration and empowerment program (Adumu Impact Fund) funded with proceeds, we give the industry to the Maasai systematically and at scale for their own sustainable economic development, a model for transferring economies of wealth to populations that deserve them. Our model has a scalable, sustainable impact that can be employed to empower other host communities in East Africa and Indigenous groups globally.


people impacted as of today (out of 200,000 goal by 2028)