The Iconic Northern Circuit and Exotic Zanzibar

Adventure, Culture & Service

Adumu Safaris and Unity of Sacramento welcome you on a once-in-a-lifetime transformative learning journey into Tanzania, home of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the great Serengeti, and the magical “Spice Island” of Zanzibar. This 20-day adventure takes you on a wildlife safari through the iconic Northern Circuit followed by a tropical beach holiday on the island of Zanzibar. It includes a variety of activities that explore the natural environment, as well as the history and culture of the people in this magnificent region—particularly the Maasai people who live in and near the parks and the Swahili people of the coast. Along the way, we’ll engage in service visits that directly uplift local communities and contribute to wildlife conservation. Feel good knowing that this trip strictly abides by socially responsible ecotourism practices and supports Adumu Safaris’ and Adumu Impact’s social impact mission of Maasai empowerment and community -led conservation.

Our safari begins in a tranquil forest setting at a lodge designed with relaxation in mind. From here, we will get to explore the natural landscape, shade-grown coffee plantation, food and culture of the Mt. Meru region on foot, led by a local guide. We will move on to spend a few days in Maasailand to the west of Mount Kilimanjaro for some immersive cultural experiences. The next several days will be spent touring the world's most iconic parks and also venturing into some remarkable off-the-beaten-track experiences. You will see the lauded “Big 5” (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and cape buffalo) and a variety of other majestic fauna up close in their natural habitats. Feel like an adventurer as you encounter a myriad of breathtaking landscapes deep in the African bush. View the world-famous Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra (and the predators that follow them!) in the Serengeti from your spacious and comfortable hatch-top Land Cruiser and perhaps even while enjoying a beverage at camp! Explore the unique Ngorongoro Crater, photogenic Tarangire, alkaline Momela Lakes and Lake Natron, and other natural wonders on foot, accompanied by your guides and Maasai warrior guards. Retreat to your luxurious accommodations where you’ll experience Tanzania’s warm hospitality and impeccable service. Savor delicious African-inspired continental cuisine prepared with a bounty of fresh, local ingredients. Learn about the culture of the Maasai, the Wameru, the Swahili, and other vibrant local cultures through memorable and authentic exchanges. While in Maasailand, we will visit a water project, a Maasai children's center, a primary school, a secondary school, and a Rhino conservation project that we have been supporting with donations and supplies. We will also learn about the imporant issue of Maasai land rights firsthand from people who have been working hard to hold on to their ancestal homelands.

The Zanzibar portion of this itinerary is an exciting, culturally-rich holiday that begins with a visit to Zanzibar’s historical Stone Town featuring a stay at the Swahili-style Emerson hotel, an ideal base to soak in the sounds, sights, and smells of the surrounding streets and alleys. In addition to some exciting cultural activities, you will go on a spice plantation tour and visit the island’s tropical forest reserve. The entire safari ends with an idyllic beach retreat in the southeastern part of Zanzibar’s main island, known locally as Ugunja. Activities include plenty of time for beachside relaxation, a trip to an iconic restaurant in the middle of the sea, and a traditional dhow safari with tropical lunch on the beach, and a visit to another school that we have been supporting.

Experience this incredible Tanzanian voyage while making lasting memories that we will cherish forever.

Karibu Tanzania!


Destination: Arrival at Kilimanjaro National Airport (JRO); Transfer to Arusha
Accommodations: Ilboru Safari Lodge
Activities: International Arrival and check-in
Transfer time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

International Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport at 7:55pm. After clearing customs, you will be met by an Adumu Safaris representative and transferred to the lovely Ilboru Safari Lodge. Nestled on the lower slopes of majestic Mt. Meru, this beautiful Swahili sanctuary is set on a five-acre plot, tucked away beneath ancient trees on the outskirts of Arusha town—a perfect place to relax after a long international trip. After settling into one of your comfortable cottages situated throughout the lushly landscaped grounds, enjoy a peaceful night’s rest in preparation for the two-week adventure ahead of you! NB: if you are arriving earlier, you will be met accordingly and transferred to Ilboru, with meals available at the hotel.

Destination: Arusha; Tengeru
Accommodations: Ilboru Safari Lodge
Activities: Welcome briefing; Organic fair trade coffee farm tour and local lunch; Custom African clothing fitting (optional)
Transfer Time: 25 minutes to and from Tengeru

After breakfast at the lodge, followed by a welcome briefing by your trip leaders, depart for a half-day excursion on a fair trade coffee walk led by one of our social impact partners, Tengeru Cultural Tourism Programme, where you will walk through the village of Tengeru on the slopes of Mt. Meru, home of the Wameru people, and see how shade-grown coffee is grown and prepared. After the tour, enjoy a delicious local lunch prepared by Mama Gladness followed by a tree-planting to offset your carbon footprint. Return to the lodge after lunch where you can relax, take a dip in the pool, socialize with friends over drinks, or get a massage. We have also arranged for a local mshonaji (clothing designer) to take your measurements and prepare a custom-designed African outfit that will be ready for you later in the trip. If you are feeling energetic, there is a selection of half-day tours in Arusha that we can arrange for you. Enjoy dinner with the group, some evening entertainment, and a good night’s sleep.

Destination: Ngare Nanyuke
Accommodations: Osiligilai Maasai Lodge
Activities: Maasai welcome ceremony; Massage (Optional); Group activities; Traditional storytelling
Transfer Time: 1.5 hours to Ngare Nanyuki

After breakfast, we depart Ilboru for Osiligilai Maasai Lodge, a scenic eco-lodge where you immediately will come to rest and reflect on the essentials while enjoying an immersive cultural experience with the Maasai. In the middle of the wilderness of the Maasai steppe are 18 exclusive bungalows built with locally available natural materials sustainably produced by local craftspeople. Just outside your door is a great view of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain. It’s all about being together, traditions, stories, and learning from each other at Osiligilai. Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed with a traditional Maasai dance and song. Then, you will be served a traditional Maasai welcome drink before being guided to your private bungalow. While you are here, relax, unwind, and enjoy the “Warm Your Heart” meditation room, the natural sauna, pool, and you can even treat yourself to a massage.  After lunch, we will gather for some group activities followed by dinner and traditional Maasai storytelling around the fire. After a long day, nothing will feel more restful than falling asleep to the sounds of passing wildlife and chirping insects.

Destination: Osiligilai; Ngare Nanyuke Ranch
Accommodations: Osiligilai Maasai Lodge
Activities: Maasai ethnobotanical walk; Boma visit; Community water project visit; Bush picnic; Spear throwing competition; Sunset performance
Transfer Time: 1 hour to and from Ngare Nanyuki Ranch

Today is an exciting day full of immersive cultural experiences with the Maasai. After breakfast, depart on foot on an ethnobotanical walk led by one of the Osiligilai community guides where you will learn about local plants and their medicinal and spiritual uses. This walk ends in a Maasai boma, or homestead where extended families live together and keep their livestock. The family welcomes us to experience the traditional way of life, which is very different than our own. We will then depart by car to Ngare Nanyuki Ranch for a picnic lunch in the bush. This conservation area is protected by the Tanzanian government, although it is not an official National Park. Nonetheless, here is where we are likely to glimpse some of the first incredible fauna on the trip while enjoying lunch amidst the acacia forest. Along the way, we will stop at the local water project that we have been supporting through fundraising. This water project aims to collect rainwater to supply to local bomas through an irrigation system. Water is scarce in this region and is generally collected by women and children who travel up to 15 km to fill 5-gallon containers. This water project will dramatically improve the quality of life of villagers when it is completed. In the late afternoon, we’ll return back to relax at the lodge. Close to sunset, the lodge hosts will take us into the surrounding hills for a spear-throwing competition followed by a sunset dance performance featuring the famous Adumu! Afterward, we’ll return to the dining room for dinner and retire for a good night’s rest.



Destination: Arusha National Park; Tinga Tinga village
Accommodations: Osiligilai Maasai Lodge
Activities: Game Drive; Local women’s beading project visit; Walking safari (optional); Community recognition ceremony
Transfer Time: 1 hour to and from park gate

Today begins the incredible African wildlife portion of our safari, full of amazing encounters with wildlife, breathtaking natural scenes, as well as some life-changing cultural excursions and cross-cultural exchanges! After breakfast, David and our other expert naturalist guides lead us on a game drive through Arusha National Park. On the way to the park, we will stop at the local women’s beading project and see how women make traditional Maasai beaded jewelry. This is a great spot to buy some souvenirs which supports the community. Arusha National Park is among the smallest parks in Tanzania, covering only 137 square kilometers. The park has several completely different micro-habitats within its confines, from a soda lake which outfits a large number of flamingo, to dense forest habitat for black and white colobus monkeys, a plain (or small Serengeti), a crater, and the hikeable Mount Meru. While in the park, you have the option of exploring the park on foot led by your guides and an armed ranger. This park does not have big cats or elephants, but you will see great animals like cape buffalo, giraffe, zebra, and warthogs, not to mention beautiful views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru towering on either side of the park. Depending on your fitness level, you can opt to hike to a beautiful waterfall. In the early evening, return to Osiligilai for a dinner and a special ceremony put on by the local community in honor of our visit.

Destination: Tarangire National Park
Accommodations: Tarangire Tortilis Camp
Activities: Game Drive
Transfer Time: 3 hours from Osiligilai to the Park; leisurely game drive to camp

After an early breakfast, we bid farewell to our friends at Osiligilai and head out at sunrise to Tarangire National Park for a late-morning gave drive. Enjoy a picnic lunch in the park and continue with afternoon game viewing—identify different species of mammals such as lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, python, zebra, oryx, impala, and more. Over 450 species of birds have been observed in this park, so get out your binoculars! This park is also known as the park of elephants and baobabs, both of which are scattered everywhere. The Tarangire River is a vital source of water for animals in the park where you are likely to find many major species behaving and interacting naturally. At lunch, check into Tarangire Tortilis Camp, a beautiful, low-impact camp built in between a line of 4 magnificent Baobab trees that looks onto a vast expanse of wetlands. Elephants appear as ships sailing through the long grass watched from the warmth of our fire pit area while you enjoy a drink and watch the sunset.

Destination: Mto wa Mbu; Lake Natron, Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Accommodations: Lake Natron Camp
Activities: African Galleria Visit; Activities led by Engaresero Cultural Tourism; Relaxation; (Optional) massage
Transfer Time: 2 hours to Mto was Mbu; 2 hours to Lake Natron

Enjoy an early morning game drive in Tarangire when incredible wildlife is most active and the rising sun casts a golden haze across the wild landscape. Afterwards, we’ll depart for Lake Natron with a stop at the African Galleria, a center of traditional art and crafts, and a great place to learn about and purchase Tanzanite. Lake Natron is a destination that very few travelers visit. With flamingo-filled lakes, ancient hominoid footprints, and a holy mountain, Natron is a stunning region reserved for the adventurous—a truly wonderful area that we are excited to show to you. The lake itself sits close to the Tanzania-Kenya border and is well off the beaten track, consisting of a near-pristine forest reserve and extensive grass plains interspersed with mountains, rocky hills, and even a live volcano—Ol Doinyo Lengai or ‘Mountain of God’ in the Maa language. The scenery is phenomenal—some of the most spectacular in Africa. This is also a unique area of Maasailand where the peaceful coexistence of humans and wildlife is on display. The Maasai residents of Lake Natron have worked hard with local organizations to hold on to their ancestral homelands in the face of threats from foreign interests to remove the Maasai from this area. While here, we will learn about the success stories and the importance of preserving Maasailand for Maasai pastoralist living. Guides from the local cultural tourism center will lead us on walks around the lake and through the forest to waterfalls. Our stay here will also be about relaxation, swimming in the natural pools, and soaking in the magnificent views, as well as dining and communing with friends.

Destination: Lake Natron, Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Accommodations: Lake Natron Camp
Activities: Activities led by Engaresero Cultural Tourism; Adumu Impact Training Camp visit; Relaxation; (Optional) massage
Transfer Time: all activities depart from camp

Enjoy another leisurely day at Lake Natron during which you will have the option to partake in a number of Maasai-led activities, including a walk along Lake Natron where you can see the petrified footsteps of our hominid ancestors or a moderate hike to the Engaresero waterfall. We would also like to show you the proposed the site of Adumu Impact’s future Maasai Guide and Hospitality Training Camp.

Destination: Ololosokwan Village, Loliondo District; Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Accommodations: African Safari Maasai Boma
Activities: Emanyata Secondary School visit and harambe; Community activist talk
Transfer Time: 2 hours to Ololosokwan

Today features a service visit to Emanyata Secondary School located on the outskirts of Ololosokwan ​Village in the Loliondo district of Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Emanyata was built by Maasai pastoralists for Maasai pastoralists. It is community-owned and is managed by Pastoral Women’s Council on behalf of Aigwanak Trust, a collective of community traditional leaders. ​It was initially built for girls, but now includes boys as well. At Emanyata they aim to transform our society by embracing Maasai culture and providing a holistic and modern education while keeping students free from oppression and distraction. Here we will learn about the amazing work being done at the school, as well as the important work around land rights being done by the PWC and other local organizations. Loliondo is a highly contested region of Maasailand where locals have suffered forced relocation loss of their ancestral lands. People in this village will share success stories as well as teach us about the work that still has to be done. During this deeply educational day of the trip, we will have the opportunity to participate in a traditional harambe fundraiser for the school where Adumu Safaris will give a gift on behalf of our group. We will stay nearby at Africa Safari Boma, a new lodge with cottages built to look like Maasai houses, and enjoy lunch and dinner there.

Destination: Serengeti National Park
Accommodations: Nyikani Migration Camp
Activities: Game Drive
Transit time: 20 minutes to Klein’s Gate; leisurely game drive with stops en route to camp, approx. 2 hours

Today we drive to the great Serengeti National Park, the world’s most famous game park. After breakfast, we will leave Loliondo, observing the stunning landscape as it transitions into the Serengeti. Arriving at Klein’s gate in the late morning, we will continue on for a leisurely game drive in the park, stopping for a picnic lunch. David and our other guides will use their expert knowledge to take us into areas of the park in search of spectacular natural wildlife displays—our exact route is unpredictable and adventurous! The ‘Serengeti Migration’, when millions of ungulates make their annual trek through the Serengeti eco-system, will be happening close to our classic safari camp in the Koagatende area of the park. The camp is close to the Mara River, allowing easy access to several river crossing points in the area. During this time of year, the wildebeest migration is crossing the Mara River back and forth from Tanzania to Kenya. River crossings are common with crocodiles, hippos and large cats scattered throughout the area. Chances are high that will be there to witness this stunning event! Having two nights here, you can decide whether to venture out on game drives or relax and enjoy conversation and good food at camp.

Destination: Serengeti National Park
Accommodations: Nyikani Migration Camp
Activities: Game Drives; (Optional) Balloon Safari
Transit time: leisurely game drive with stops around the park from morning until late afternoon (there will be options for shorter and longer drives with our different guides)

After breakfast, we’ll continue with both morning and afternoon game drives in the great Serengeti National Park. Totaling 14,763 km2 in area, the park is appropriately named after the Maasai word for “endless plains”. Here you are certain to get up close and personal with the “Big Five” (Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards, and Cape Buffalo), if you haven’t already, and hosts of other iconic and lesser-known species. Given the vast terrain, weather patterns, and migratory patterns of the innumerable species, many animals of the Serengeti are constantly on the move. This makes for an adventurous game drive! Our drives will depend on the move of the migrants; our expert naturalist guides know very well how to locate the herds. We’ll have a picnic lunch in the bush and return to the lodge in time for afternoon tea. After a stretch and maybe a shower, we’ll meet in the mess tent for dinner and great views of the Serengeti plains. NB: If you opt to splurge on a balloon safari add-on, you would wake before sunrise on this day and be transported into the bush, viewing wild animals in there dusk-time routines en route, to your take-off point. After an unforgettable flight, return to earth for a luxury champagne breakfast, after which you and your companions will join back up with the group.

Destination: Ngorongoro Conservation Area; Endulen Village
Accommodations: Ngorongoro Wild Camp
Activities: Service Visit to Ebeneza Maasai Children Center
Transfer Time: 4+ hour game drive to camp; 25 minutes from camp to Children Center

Let the morning birds and the smell of fresh local coffee gently rouse you out of your slumber. Today is a special day when we visit Ebeneza Maasai Children Center, supporting their mission of empowering orphans and other children in need from nearby Maasai villages through rehabilitation, education, and training in self-reliance. We’ll meet with the director, Rev. Jackson Kipuyo, and engage with the children to learn more about the work being done. We will volunteer our services, share our gifts, and learn how we can continue to support them long after our visit. The Center is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and is frequented by giraffes and zebras right on the campus. We will share lunch with our young friends and have some of the elders on campus introduce us to some very authentic aspects of Maasai culture through their community-based tourism projects. In the evening, we’ll retreat to Ngorongoro Wild Camp located not too far from Endulen in the Ngorongoro highlands for dinner and rest in your private luxury tent.

Destination: Ngorongoro Crater; Arusha
Accommodations: Hhando Coffee Lodge
Activities: Crater Game Drive; Rhino Project Visit; Group activities
Transit time: 30 mins to Crater Gate; 1 hour Crater descent; 1 hour ascent; 30 mins to lodge

After an early. breakfast, we’ll drive short distance to the Crater and descend to its floor for a half-day tour, inclusive of a picnic lunch by the hippo pools. Often referred to as “the eighth wonder of the world” the Ngorongoro Crater is one of Africa’s best-known wildlife areas. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also one of the largest volcanic craters in the world (almost 20 kilometers wide, 610-760 meters deep and covering a total area of 264 square kilometers). An utterly unique biosphere, the Crater harbors grasslands, swamps, forests, saltpans, a freshwater lake, and a glorious variety of birdlife, all enclosed within its towering walls. Due to its high concentration of wildlife, close-range viewing opportunities and striking scenery it is also Tanzania’s most visited destination. During the game drive, we will make a very special visit to our friends at the Ngorongoro Rhino Project, a government-funded initiative to protect the highly endangered black rhino species. We will present the hardworking rangers with much-needed equipment, and they will teach us about their work. If we are lucky, they may help us to spot an elusive rhino in the park! In the afternoon, we ascend to the rim of the Crater and check into our cozy cottages at the edge of the NCA.

Destination: Stone Town, Zanzibar
Accommodations: Emerson on Hurumzi or Emerson Spice House
Activities: Private Zanzibar fashion show and dinner
Transit Time: 25 minutes to the airport; 1 hour, 20 minutes flight; 20 minutes from airport to hotel

After a leisurely breakfast, we will be driven to Arusha Airport to board our flight to the magical island of Zanzibar, which lies just off the coast of Tanzania, for a sublime conclusion to your East African holiday. We’ll be greeted at the Zanzibar airport and taken to historic Stone Town where we’ll will check in to one of the historic Emerson hotels, a pair of elegant boutique hotels that capture the essence of traditional Swahili architecture. Emerson Spice consists of three adjoining World Heritage site buildings in the exotic Kasbah of Zanzibar’s Stone Town. Two of the facades face a quaint square at the end of historic Tharia Street, a principal thoroughfare for walking tours of the city. The third façade looks down Tharia Street toward the Anglican Cathedral and the slave market. Nestled among the rear facades is a squared private courtyard containing an ancient well. Emerson on Hurumzi was once the home of one of the richest men in the Swahili Empire, built in the 1870s at a location and height from which he could obtain a clear view of the ocean and watch his vessels and precious cargo arrive in the nearby port of Malindi. The top of the building reaches a height of 80 ft and now houses the restaurant of Emerson on Hurumzi Hotel while still commanding a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean and the jumble of rooftops, tea houses, mosques, and spires that make up the birds-eye view of Stone Town. After settling into our rooms, we will gather at the Emerson Spice hotel followed by a private fashion show led by the world-renowned fashion designer Farouque Abdela. We’ll then enjoy a sumptuous Swahili dinner at Emerson Spice before returning to our rooms or continuing to explore the narrow Stone Town alleyways or the seafront.

NB: Because historic Stone Town lodges are smaller boutique hotels, our group will split into the two Emerson hotels for this part of the trip. We will be within walking distance of one another, however.

Destination: Stone Town, Zanzibar
Accommodations: Emerson on Hurumzi or Emerson Spice
Activities: Stone Town Heritage Walk; Traditional chai ceremony
Transit Time: All activities depart from the hotel

After breakfast, we will be met by our local guide and taken on a Stone Town heritage walk, a perfect initiation into the sensory paradise that is Zanzibar. While savoring the local treats, including a proper lunch, you will learn about Stone Town history and contemporary life in Zanzibar. In the early evening, we’ll all return to Emerson on Hurumzi for a traditional Zanzibar chai ceremony, during which we’ll learn more about the culinary traditions of Zanzibar, how Zanzibari chai is made, and for which occasion the special chai is served. Chai is accompanied by a variety of traditional Zanzibar sweets. In the evening, you can venture out to explore the waterfront, enjoying the sea breeze, colorful sights and sounds, and dine under torchlight at the most spectacular street food display at Forodhani Gardens Food Market on the seafront, an iconic Zanzibar experience. Return to Emerson to sleep like a sultan.

Destination: Stone Town; Masingini Forest Spice Plantations
Accommodations: Emerson on Hurumzi or Emerson Spice House
Activities: Spice Tour; Swahili Cooking Lesson and Lunch; Rooftop Dinner
Transit Time: 30 minutes to Spice Farm; 30 minutes to Stone Town

Wake to the call to prayer echoing through the streets and the smell of freshly roasted Tanzanian coffee! Head to your hotel restaurant for breakfast, after which we will all board a bus and depart with our local guide to the village of Dole bordering the Masingini Forest for a tour of a spice farm. Zanzibar is known as the “Spice Island”, a name that evokes a romantic past infused with the particular aroma of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and lemongrass. Today, these, and many other spices, herbs, and tropical fruits are cultivated on the same plantations that have been producing them for centuries. A tour of the spice plantation starts with a drive through a profusion of greenery in the countryside and follows with a walk through the plantation where you will see and taste a variety of mouth-watering tropical fruits such as: jack fruit, pineapple, banana, green coconut (madafu), durian, love apple (matufaa), litchi (shoki-shoki), sour sop (mabungo), and star fruit (carambola); spices such as cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, and nutmeg. A full tour involves much more than edible plants—you will also have a chance to see the iodine plant, heena bush, ylang-ylang, lipstick tree, cacao, and coffee trees. The tour additionally includes a bit of history with a visit to the Kidichi Persian Baths built in 1850 by Seyyid Said bin Sultan for his Persian wife Princess Sheherezade, granddaughter of the Shah of Persia, and to the Maruhubi Palace Ruins built by the third Sultan of Zanzibar Seyyid Barghash for his 99 concubines. After the tour, walk to the outdoor kitchen to prepare a sumptuous Swahili meal using many of the spices and fruits you have just sampled, with the guidance of an expert Zanzibari home cook. After lunch, we return to our hotel—enjoy a little free time exploring Stone Town on foot or relax before joining the group for a fantastic rooftop dinner celebration—a “Swahili food safari” with music performed by the Dhow Countries Music Academy.

Destination: Jozani Forest Reserve; Paje
Accommodations: Kisiwa on the Beach
Activities: Jozani Forest Reserve tour; beach time
Transit Time: 1 hour to Jozani; 30 minutes to resort

Rise with the call to prayer, enjoy an early breakfast, and depart for the southeast of Ungunja, first stop: Jozani Forest Reserve. Jozani tropical rainforest (Jozani Chakwa Bay National Park) lies 35 kilometers southeast of Stone Town with an area of about 1,000 hectares. Long ago, you could find leopards and antelopes that are now reported extinct. At present, you will find primates such as the indigenous red colobus monkey, the blue Sykes monkey, and the adorable bush baby. The red colobus monkey is one of the most endangered and rarest species in the world. They are very friendly creatures, love to be photographed, and can be viewed at close quarters with the help of your guide. You are also likely to see some of the 50 butterfly species, 40 bird species, and several species of snake. Other interesting features of this ecosystem include the coastal evergreen bush land, mangrove forest, saline grassland, and ground water forest. Continue on to Paje on the serene east coast of Unguja where lies Hakuna Majiwe Beach Lodge, an idyllic retreat with gorgeous white sandy beaches, oscillating palm trees, a seemingly endless turquoise ocean, jaw-droppingly beautiful sunsets along a stretch of picture-perfect coastline. Check into you beach cottage, kick off your shoes, and soak in the sun, sand, and surf. The afternoon is reserved for relaxation! We’ll gather for dinner at the restaurant which features an evolving menu of Swahili-Zanzibari cuisine using locally-sourced ingredients and freshly caught seafood paired with carefully-selected wines and freshly-squeezed local juices to create an authentic local culinary experience you will never forget! Round off the night with amazing sunsets and star gazing. Sleep to the sound of waves lapping outside your door.

Destination: Jambiani Village; The Rock
Accommodations: Kisiwa on the Beach
Activities: COVID-19 Tests*; Jambiani Village Tour and Service Visit; The Rock Restaurant
Transit Time: 15 minutes to and from Jambiani; 15 minutes to and from the Rock

Wake to the sound of waves and step out onto the sand for a nice stretch! After a tropical breakfast, we’ll board a couple of buses and head to Jambiani Village for a tour and service visit. These community-based and led tours are different from day to day since village life also varies, but we will gain a glimpse into rural coastal life, and we are sure to witness the seaweed farming and production of local handicrafts that are always going on here. We will visit the village school, meet the children, and distribute donations which are included in this tour. We then proceed to a village mama’s house where she and her friends will show us how they make a Swahili style lunch with the fresh abundance the island has to offer. We’ll all partake in lunch together before heading back to the hotel and savoring the second part of the day however we wish. In the evening, we will visit the iconic restaurant, The Rock, appropriately named as is sits upon a jutting coral stone rock off the coast of Dongwe, just north of Paje. A small boat will bring us the short distance from shore to the restaurant where we will dine on fine cuisine in the middle of the Indian ocean with views in all directions. We’ll return around sunset to the lodge for another night sleeping to the sound of waves.

*Before heading to Jambiani, the group will be taken to the closest government hospital to get official COVID-19 PCR tests in time for the return flight home on the 6th.

Destination: Fumba; Menai Bay; Sandbanks
Accommodations: Kisiwa on the Beach
Activities: Dhow safari cruise
Transit Time: 1 hour to and from departure point; leisurely sailing by traditional dhow most of the day

Today features an exciting full day adventure on the sea! After breakfast, we’ll head to Fumba and set sail into Menai Bay where we’ll glide alongside pods of dolphins, which local conservation efforts have allowed to flourish. Mid-morning, we land on a powdery sandbank and enjoy snorkeling in the shallows or bask in the sun under the clear Zanzibari sky, then snorkel over two different reefs, both offering a variety of pristine marine life. After working up an appetite, the Kwale Island “restaurant” is ready and waiting for our arrival where we’ll will feast on a freshly caught seafood buffet. Taste 10-15 of Zanzibar’s exotic fruits, and sip on Amarula and coffee. Mid-afternoon, discover all that Kwale island has to offer: sail on a traditional ngalawa canoe, explore the mangroves, climb an ancient baobab, witness the coral formations, swim or lounge the afternoon away on a day-bed on the beach. Finally, in late afternoon when the day is done, the crew hoists the lateen sail as you make a leisurely voyage back to Fumba as the sun sets on your glorious day in paradise. Enjoy a group activity lead by Rev. Kev followed by an island-to-table dinner on the sand to celebrate our final night in Tanzania.

Destination: Departure to Dar es Salaam; International departure home (11:55 pm)
Activities: Morning beach time; Free time and farewell tea ceremony in Stone Town
Transit Times: 1 hour to Stone Town; 15 minutes to the airport; 30-minute flight to Dar es Salaam airport (4:40 pm departure)

After breakfast and, perhaps, another swim or spa service, we will check out of Kisiwa by the Beach after lunch and head to Stone Town. Our local tour guides will store your luggage in a safe place so that we have the opportunity to roam Stone Town freely, exploring what we may, visiting historic sites and museums, doing last-minute shopping, and sampling the local food. At 3:00, we will head to the airport to fly from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam, where we’ll will board our international flight home. Kwaheri!

*Note that the return flight arrives on July 29.


  • Pick up at JRO/ droff of at DAR airports
  • Flight from Arusha to Zanzibar
  • Flight from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam
  • Entrance fees into the game parks/reserves
  • Crater service fee
  • Government Taxation
  • Professional naturalist guide
  • Transport and wildlife viewing in 4×4 Land cruiser with open roof hatches (5 pax per vehicle)
  • All game drives and activities
  • All cultural excursions mentioned in the itinerary
  • All private lecture, shows, and demonstrations
  • Full board accommodations and additional meals, per itinerary
  • Plentiful drinking water (mineral water)
  • Coffee, tea, and fresh fruit juices as provided by accommodations
  • Chai Ceremony
  • Rooftop Dinner at Emerson on Huruzmi
  • Stone Town Hertitage Tour
  • Spice Tour
  • Swahili Cooking Lesson
  • Jozani Forest Reserve Tour
  • Muungoni Village Tour
  • Dhow Safari Tour
  • Flying Doctor services in Tanzania
  • Currency Conversion Fee
  • Service charges
  • Adumu Impact Fund
  • Personalized concierge service to assist in all details of trip planning, including detailed packing list for this trip


  • International airfare & flights*
  • Passport & visa fees
  • COVID-19 PCR test costs
  • Required/reccommended vaccines and medications
  • Personal health insurance
  • Trip insurance (highly recommended and offered upon booking)
  • Alcoholic beverages & sodas, unless included by lodges or hosts
  • Dinner on 23 July (dine on your own in Stone Town)
  • Dinner at the Rock on 26 July (a la carte menu)
  • Laundry services, unless provided by the lodges
  • Alcoholic beverages & sodas, except at select camps and lodges
  • Optional massages and spa services
  • All items of personal nature
  • Gratuities to safari guides and lodge/camp staff (see pre-trip brochure for tipping guidance)
  • Optional Serengeti Balloon Safari (600 USD)

*We recommend booking a flight on KLM that arrives at JRO on 9 July. We are currently looking into group airfare options and should be able to announce these in mid-September, if available.

Please note: Adumu Safaris makes every effort to customize your safari itinerary in order to cover areas where wildlife habitats are known to be plentiful during the season and precise time of year that you are traveling. However, since wild animals move freely in their environment, we cannot absolutely guarantee sightings of every species. We also use our best effort to provide the lodging set out in this itinerary, but occasionally there are circumstances that occur which require lodging substitutions. We reserve the right to make comparable lodging substitutions or upgrades whenever necessary or in your best interest to do so. Fortunately, we have vetted all of our lodges and stand by their ability to provide an amazing accommodation experience.


Single……………………………………….9,810 USD or 1,090 USD per month
Double……………………………………..8,280 USD or 920 USD per month
*Triple/Quad………………………………8,010 USD or 890 USD per month
13 yrs & 1 adult………………………….7,470 USD or 830 USD per month
*13 yrs & 2+ adults…………………….7,083 USD or 787 USD per month
Child 5 – 12 yrs………………………….5,985 USD or 665 USD per month

*limited availability, offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If no triple or quad is available, you will be moved to a double and asked to pay the cost difference.

*The monthly payments mentioned above are over 9 months beginning in September and ending in May. 0% interest pay-in-4 or 12-month financing through a third party (Klarna) is also available upon checkout, subject to approval.

**Please note that if you choose double, triple, or quad occupancy, you must have travel companions who are ready to register. We can do our best to help match solo travelers looking for roommates with each other. However, the single occupancy rate must be charged if roommates are not found.


Balloon Safari......600 USD
Private Vehicle*.....200 USD per day (when safari vehicles are used)
5-star lodging upgrades** in Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Karatu, and Paje are available. Please inquire.

*The standard price includes 5 people from this group per vehicle. Vehicles seat 7 comfortably in captains chairs space to stand and move around. A private vehicle may be required with certain lodging upgrades.
**The standard lodging in this package is "affordable luxury." For those looking to experience exclusive 5-star accommodations while on safari, please let us know so that we can arrange these for you at any of the locations mentioned above.

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