Expeditions That Empower

In collaboration with our community partners, Adumu Safaris is excited to offer the option of “voluntourism” and “give back” extensions to your holiday. Let your safari expedition empower others!

Voluntourism Extensions

On these single day, multiday, or longer-term visits, volunteer your skills, talent, and labor to give to local service efforts. Many of these extensions involve Maasai empowerment projects run by Adumu Safaris and our partner organizations. We also offer volunteer projects that assist other groups in East Africa and conservation projects.

Give Back Visits

These half-day or single-day extensions enable you to visit the organizations where the “Generous Giving” portion of your safari cost is being put to good work. You also have the opportunity to offer additional gifts in person in the form of monetary donations or needed supplies. In the process, you can enjoy spending some time with the host communities along your safari route, learn about local cultures, and be inspired by the operations of these service organizations.

Spotlight: MERC/MGA


Adumu Safaris is proud to call MERC one of our partners. The Maasai Education, Research, and Conservation Institute has been working effectively on issues of Maasai land rights, tourism reform through the Maasai Field Guide Training Program, and providing safe and adequate drinking water to rural communities in Maasailand. Through the past two decades, MERC has spearheaded efforts and developed programs to address key issues facing the Maasai community, including an Anti-Hunting Campaign in Tanzania; Maasai Cross-Border Elephant Conservation Project, Education and Scholarship Program; MMGR Ecological Restoration; Civic and Voter Training, Animal-Human Conflict Resolution, HIV/AIDS Education, Clean Water and Educational Opportunities for Maasai Girls. Adumu safaris proudly recruits safari guides through their guide training program and the associated Mara Guides Association (MGA), the first labor association organized by Maasai people in Kenya. We also contribute donations to MERC through our “Generous Giving” fund. Take a look at the important work the Mara Guides Association is doing here:

Spotlight: Maasai Partners

Maasai Partners

We are proud to send donations and volunteers to Maasai Partners , an umbrella organization of efforts that serve Maasai in the Alailelai, Sendui and Alchaniomelock villages in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The work of Maasai Partners is wide and varied, and include such initiatives as giving out goats to women, building kindergartens and improving schools, supporting mobile outreach health clinics, providing microloans, and sponsoring local students to pursue their education. See an example of their amazing work below:

Spotlight: Tangeru Cultural Tourism Programme/Duluti Green Foundation Trust

Adumu Safaris - Responsible Tourism

The Tangeru Cultural Tourism Programme is a leader in tourism reform in Tanzania, particularly by offering a deeper engagement with the host community than what is typically found along safari routes in the region. Based close to Mount Meru and Arusha National Park, TGTP offers tourists an authentic experience the Meru culture through cultural excursions, classes, and opportunities to volunteer with their many community service projects. Through the Duluti Green Foundation Trust, TCTP supports the neediest in the community by providing support to schools, women’s groups, orphanages, hospitals, the environment, people with disabilities, and clean water projects. A highlight of a stay or visit here includes planting a tree to offset the carbon footprint of your trip.

Find a list of our other Partner organizations that provide voluntourism and give back extensions here.