The good news: Tanzania is open for travel!

The less exciting news: We still have a global pandemic on our hands.

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, international travel is shifting into new gears. At Adumu Safaris, the safety of our customers is the number one priority. That is why we are posting this article to help inform our clients about what to expect when traveling to Tanzania at this time. We advise you to follow all of your local government’s guidelines and take the recommended precautionary measures for the best experience. By following the guidelines, you can still enjoy a magnificent holiday in Tanzania–as well as Kenya, and Rwanda–at this time!

Before traveling, make sure to check the latest recommendations from your local or national government regarding travel to Tanzania. You may find it helpful to ask your healthcare provider for advice when traveling during these times. Additionally, we highly recommend comprehensive foreign travel insurance to make sure you are covered in the case of unexpected events.

Tanzania requires a temperature check for all incoming travelers upon arrival. If you exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19, you may be asked to quarantine at a government-designated facility at your own expense. Travelers entering Tanzania should be aware of the possible health risks posed by inadequate protocols and quarantine facilities. Be ready to comply with any additional screening measures put in place by the local authorities. 

As is likely the case in your home country, Tanzania has restricted all mass gatherings. Additionally, it is greatly advised to stay within your group of travel and not come into contact with too many others unnecessarily. 

When returning home, some countries require self-isolation for a period after international travel. It is likely that you will be asked to provide your itinerary and people you came in contact with. As with any travel experience, it is important to keep track of all your documents. Check your local government’s policies for returning international travelers prior to going abroad. 

We advise all of our travelers to exercise the best use of caution and hygiene during these times of elevated risks so that we may continue to move towards a future where this pandemic is under control and travel can become more accessible again. Adumu Safaris, in accordance with public health messaging globally, asks that all of our customers, prior to, during, and after travel, maintain social distancing, hand washing, routine cleaning and disinfecting, and the use of face masks in public. Here at Adumu Safaris, our customers’ safety is our number one priority. As you prepare to travel , take all necessary precautions and gather all of the relevant information. If any questions remain, email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Karibu Africa! The Adumu Safaris Sales Team